Today Mitanei and I made some tissuefoil. We followed the videoinstructions by Eric Vigier an Facebook ^.^ Thanks for that (Merci Beaucoup Eric pour le vidéo-clip ^-^) it was a lot of fun


We tested different papers ^.^
The black, green and light red paper are Mitanei’s, the blue, red and yellow paper are mine…

I don’t know what I should fold with this paper… it cannot be used for tessellations… I guess I’ve to fold some figures again ^-^


I’m so proud. Some friends on Flickr folded my designs… I’m sooo happy about this ^.^

One friend is helikonia, who folded my “Sahnehäubchen I” and did a realy good job…

Another friend is That Andy Guy, who folded my “Tessellated Butterflies”, one of my newest design. The shaping and the picture is great ^.^

It’s so nice to see my designs folded by other people ^.^ Thanks guys


Since the “21. International Convention of Origami Germany” I’m crazy about Butterflies…

The first “trigger” was Kalami’s wonderful butterfly-wall, in the room I slept in…

… and the second one was the butterfly-workshop by Robert Lang.

21. Internationales Treffen Origami Deutschland

I really enjoyed folding this butterfly and I was afraid to forget how to fold it, so I began to fold two or three per day (and gave them away)
After a few days the idea to decorate my wall with butterflies grew and I decided to fold many blue butterflies (my livingroom is very blue and I love this color ^-^) I also began to fold other butterflies, like the Origamido and Swallowtail Butterfly designed by Michael LaFosse…

It’s not finished yet, but here is my wall so far:
Butterfly Decoration

The biggest butterfly has a wingspread about 13cm (5.12 Inch), the smallest about 0.5cm (0.2 Inch)

The white Butterflies are folded by my friends Mitanei and Coming_Curse. I hope every friend will fold me one white Butterfly with his or her signature for my wall, so I can have them near me every day ^-^

Small Origami “Meating”

At Sunday, 11. 07. 09, we had a small origami Meating… Different to our earlier origamisessions, like the one in May (https://yureikoen.wordpress.com/2009/05/14/329/) we were three persons…

The funniest thing is, that we were one normal animalfolder (Mitanei), one who loves moduls (Coming_Curse) and me, who is addicted to tessellations.

Together we first folded some Butterflies (I’ll write about them next time) and then discussed our different projects… It was a lot of fun and very inspiring.

Jungle Challenge

Again there was a little tessellation challenge at Flickr:


The topic was jungle and I thought a long time about what to do and had the idea to fold something like a pixel picture…

I started with a 1:128 grid and a more than 16-level-hex-spread (designed by Eric Gjerde).

Jungle Camouflage - work in progress

I used this as basic for a field of triangle twists, but I didn’t sqashed them all, only the twists which form the picture, in this case the snake, where squashed. As a small decoration I folded some flowers in the center of the model, they are really easy (6 combined hexagons).

Jungle Camouflage...

All together I folded about 27 hours… the grid was folded on many ways to my school, the hex-spread on my way to Berlin/Potsdam and home again and the final triangles mostly at home…

21. International Convention of Origami Germany

I vistied the 21. International Convention of Origami Germany, 12.-14. 06. 2009 in Berlin-Erkner and met many nice people there ^-^

21. Internationales Treffen Origami Deutschland

21. Internationales Treffen Origami Deutschland

21. Internationales Treffen Origami Deutschland

… and many more ^-^

For more informations, Tine wrote a nice article:  http://kalami.blog.de/2009/06/15/21-deutsche-origami-convention-erkner-6310578/

I folded many things at the convention, here are some of them ^-^


It was a great time ^-^


My internet still doesn’t work, but a friend let me use his computer. So there’ll be some new pictures soon ^.^

One Starflower

I played around with this shape for some time and here are some Variations of it:

Starflower-Bouquet I


Starflower-Bouquet II

Starflower-Bouquet II Front

Starflower-Bouquet II backlit

Starflower-Bouquet II Backlit

I didn’t photoshop the color, I just used my colorchanging Lamp and this effect appeared ^.^