Trigonal Pattern

Again something small. The big red Sahnehäubchen-II-Tessellation had inspired me to experiment. I was not sure what to so with the double Triangle Twists around the center, that’s why I experimented and found some possibilities, which I like to integrate in a bigger tessellation , but didn’t match with the Sahnehäubchen ^-^

And I just wanted to do a Tess with less hex and a lot of triangles , but it’s not so easy, as I thought. At the end, there are a lot of Hex, but I think they are a little bit hidden ^-^ Elephant hide is really good for jobs like this. A long time I didn’t want to use EH, but now I love it ^.^



Sahnehäubchen I

My Friend said it would look like an Sahnehäubchen, in english it’s a kind of creamswirl, like those on the top of a cake. I like the name more than Double-Hex-Twist-Tessellations that’s why from now I want to call it Sahnehäubchen ^-^

Even if this one does not really look like a swirl ^-^ After the 2. of June I’ll try to make a Foto-Instruction. I’ve noticed that I’ve folded many models, but didn’t upload Crease Patterns or something like this … I don’t know if anybody is interested, but anyway I’ll give it a try ^-^ Perhapy somebady can help me with some tips how to do CP or Instructions ^-^

On the right is my newest tiny model, the Sahnehäubchen in the middle is surrounded by Triangeltwists, but this time the Triangletwists conceal the outer parts of the Sahnehäubchen, that’s why it doesn’t look so swirly ^-^


A variation of the rhombus, this time as a star. Here one can see how my tessellations change during the folding. I’ve folded the one above some days ago. It’s a little bit confuse and not complete, that’s why I wanted to fold it again. But this time I wanted to have more space to fold and I used a 1:48 Grid (the first was a 1:32 Grid).
I began to fold the same way I’ve done before, but I wasn’t so satisfied. I changed a few parts, only the middle part is the same, and the Star below occurs ^-^ And I like the star around star combination.

At the end the paper was to small, the triangles have a edge length about 3mm, too few…

But I love this paper and the size (15x15cm) because I can take this paper with me and fold everywhere I want to 😀


Flower Tessellation with Butterfly – Schattenspiel

I love to fold in classes, because my consentration is better when I do Origami. But sadly the paper I normally use is very noisy. In most classes the other people are so lou, that nobody hears my folding, but in smaller classes it really disturbs others. That’s why I’m looking for a silent paper. This one I used for my Flower tessellation, is very silent, but it’s hard to fold, because some creases just disappeare, And it’s nearly impossible to mountainfold a valleyfold or something like this. Very sad, that’s why the Tess is very unclean. The paper behave a little bit like cloth.

Flower Tessellation Backlight

Temari Sakura

Finally I finishd my Kusudama. It is a variation of Temari designed by Mio Tsugawa. Instead of combining four moduls to a flower and 6 Flowers to a cube, I combine 5 Moduls to a flower and 12 Flowers to a Dodecahedron. Regrettably the outer angles did not match, thats why I had to modify the modules ^.^ All together the height of the Kusudama is approximately 10cm, it contains 60 modules made of 7x7cm Kami. Because it is spring right now I thought Sakura would be a nice theme and the whole ball is pink and white, but normally these are not my favorite coloures. At the end I forgot to clue a tie in ^-^ But I’ll find a way to manage this.

Anyway I guess I want to give it to my cousins grandma as a present.  Temari Sakura 2

Temari Sakura