A variation of the rhombus, this time as a star. Here one can see how my tessellations change during the folding. I’ve folded the one above some days ago. It’s a little bit confuse and not complete, that’s why I wanted to fold it again. But this time I wanted to have more space to fold and I used a 1:48 Grid (the first was a 1:32 Grid).
I began to fold the same way I’ve done before, but I wasn’t so satisfied. I changed a few parts, only the middle part is the same, and the Star below occurs ^-^ And I like the star around star combination.

At the end the paper was to small, the triangles have a edge length about 3mm, too few…

But I love this paper and the size (15x15cm) because I can take this paper with me and fold everywhere I want to ūüėÄ


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