Sahnehäubchen I

My Friend said it would look like an Sahnehäubchen, in english it’s a kind of creamswirl, like those on the top of a cake. I like the name more than Double-Hex-Twist-Tessellations that’s why from now I want to call it Sahnehäubchen ^-^

Even if this one does not really look like a swirl ^-^ After the 2. of June I’ll try to make a Foto-Instruction. I’ve noticed that I’ve folded many models, but didn’t upload Crease Patterns or something like this … I don’t know if anybody is interested, but anyway I’ll give it a try ^-^ Perhapy somebady can help me with some tips how to do CP or Instructions ^-^

On the right is my newest tiny model, the Sahnehäubchen in the middle is surrounded by Triangeltwists, but this time the Triangletwists conceal the outer parts of the Sahnehäubchen, that’s why it doesn’t look so swirly ^-^


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