Small Stars

I just wanted to fold some small stars and hadn’t thought that they will match so good. Many more stars would look very nice, I guess, this will be a new project to think of ^.^

But sadly the zipper of my backback tried to eat my Tess ūüė¶ After all it’s only one corner…


Order vs. Chaos

Member of the Origami Tessellation Group at FlickR have started a Design Challenge. The Theme is Order vs. Chaos and this is my entry. Compared to the other Entries mine is very simple, but till now my skills aren’t good enough for realizing my first idea.

But I’m proud that I finished this design for the Challenge. First time I read about the Competition I thought that I’m not as skilled and creative as needed to participate. But at the end I created a modell. Sometimes all it needs is time ^-^

Red Octagram

This Tessellation is for a friend, she wanted me to fold her something red and long ago I wanted to do something octagonal. I combined this and tried to fold a red octagram. But it’s not so easy to do. The first one failed, because it becomes a square. That’s why I used a normal Sheet of Origamipaper to test my idea first. Usually I’m to lazy, that’s why I use the good paper for the first try.

But after some time, I found a way and it’s not too difficult to fold, only the Grid is a little bit strange.

Big Flower Diamond Tessellation

At the moment I’m working on a bigger Flower Diamond Tessellation. It’s a 1:128-Grid, but I guess I won’t do it again soon, I spend a lot of time with the precreasing. And now I’ve a lot of space to fill with the Tess… I think finishing this will take a long time ^-^

1. A pleated hexagon in the middle of the paper. 2. Converting the pleated hexagon in 6 Triangle Twists.
3. Some more Triangle Twists… 4. …at every side of the haxagon.
5. A small star. 6. I guess I’ve to make a detailed description for this step
7. The first 3 acute angles are followed by 3 more 8. After this the rhombus’ are completed and the triangle twists are turned down, to build a nice flower in the middle.

Now the first part of the Tess is finished, after that it has to be repeated as long as there is space to do so ^-^

Hexagonal Kawasaki Rose

In progress ^.^

Some time ago I had the idea to fold a hexagonal Kawasaki Rose. This is the first try. I Think it can easily be done, but at this try I had not enough pleats to close the bottom of the rose.

As I began to write my examination paper i had lots of ideas, which I began to realize, but not finished, this rose is one of them ^.^ But I will finish it soon