Big Flower Diamond Tessellation

At the moment I’m working on a bigger Flower Diamond Tessellation. It’s a 1:128-Grid, but I guess I won’t do it again soon, I spend a lot of time with the precreasing. And now I’ve a lot of space to fill with the Tess… I think finishing this will take a long time ^-^

1. A pleated hexagon in the middle of the paper. 2. Converting the pleated hexagon in 6 Triangle Twists.
3. Some more Triangle Twists… 4. …at every side of the haxagon.
5. A small star. 6. I guess I’ve to make a detailed description for this step
7. The first 3 acute angles are followed by 3 more 8. After this the rhombus’ are completed and the triangle twists are turned down, to build a nice flower in the middle.

Now the first part of the Tess is finished, after that it has to be repeated as long as there is space to do so ^-^


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