Magic Cube Rose

At the moment I’m learning for my written Examination in august and september, that’s why I’ve not so much time to fold. But there is little time for small things, this is one of them. I’ve seen this at Ita8’s and hannelore1302’s photostream on FlickR, and just wanted to give it a try.
It’s a really simple but beautiful design. And the effect is great, I love to play with this actionmodel 😀

There are many diagrams, some on Youtube, but I prefer this one


Yellow Bird (Chocobo)

Again something small designed by Kamiya. Some days ago we had a little origamisession und these are the results. Folding with someone is really fun ^-^ The yellow one was folded by Mitanei, the orange one by me.

I have to note that Kamiyas diagrams are really good to fold. It’s a lot of fun and the results are really good looking ^-^

Orca and Swan

I folded some models designed by Satoshi Kamiya, out of the Book “Works of Satoshi Kamiya 1995-2003”.The design of the orca is great, and technique is very ingenious. But it’s not so easy to fold, especially with this paper, 24x24cm Kami. It’s to stiff to shape ist and a little bit to thick.
The name of this model is “Splash!” or “Swan”. It’s an easier model, but it’s really sweet and it’s only one sheet of 15x15cm Foilpaper. 😀

Big Flower Diamond

At the end I managed to finish this Tessellation. It’s this one: Flower Diamond Tessellation Backlight folded from a larger piece of paper. The Pergamyn is 70×70cm and it’s a 1:128 Grid. The finished Tessellation is about 45 cm in diameter. I began to fold this more than a month ago, but meantime, I was sick of it. It’s my first really big Tessellation.
The Pattern is easy to fold, if you have only the middle part, but it’s a lot harder, if you fold circles of these Flower Diamond. I don’t want to do it again…

As one can see at the picture of the smaller Flower Diamond Tess I just wanted to combine the flower in the middle and the big diamonds around it. But while tessellating this small pattern a lot of negativ space stars appeared, which I really like. At the backside of the Tess are many dodecagons and I like them, the back isn’t spectacular, but nice.

Above it’s the frontside, below it’s the reverse.

Satoshi Kamiyas Smilodon

After a while folding tessellations and designing my own patterns and models, I wanted to fold something different. I always wanted to fold these wonderful models designed by Satoshi Kamiya, but I thought that they would be to difficult for me.
Then two days ago I tried to fold Satoshi Kamiyas Smilodon, and I finished it. It’s not perfect, but I’m very proud of it. 😀

The diagram is out of the book: “Works of Satoshi Kamiya 1995-2003”

Hexagonal Rose

My Hexagonal Rose is finished 😀

I changed the closing of the base, now it’s a little bit rounder and it looks more like the Kawasaki Rose.

Hexagonale Rose Backlight Hexagonale Rose CP
Hexagonale Rose Description 1a-2a First you need a 1:64 trigonal grid and a hexagonal Twist which is shiffted (don’t know if it’s the right word for it) about 90° against the grid. The hexagon will be at the inside.

1a + b Then you’ve to fold the creases as shown.
1b The inside of the rose

2a +b These little creases helps to shape the rose
2a the Outside of the rose

Hexagonale Rose Description 3a-4 3a This is an auxiliary crease, for the next step
3b + c It’s a link to stiffen the rose

4 Fold the flaps inside the pocket which results from step 3

Hexagonale Rose Description 5a-6 5a Now begin to close the base
5b Insert the flap into the pocket
5c The finished base

6 The finished rose, now the shapping begins

Hexagonal Rose Beta-Version

Finally I closed the bottom of my hexagonal rose. It’s not perfect at all, that’s why I call it Beta-Version.

I had to restrain the bottom of the rose with some wet towel and strings, but it’s not really flowerlike rotund.

At the end it’s only a variation of the New Kawasaki Rose, based on a trigonal Grid.

Cp and a better version of the Rose will follow ^-^

Hexagonal Rose Beta-Version