Hexagonal Rose

My Hexagonal Rose is finished 😀

I changed the closing of the base, now it’s a little bit rounder and it looks more like the Kawasaki Rose.

Hexagonale Rose Backlight Hexagonale Rose CP
Hexagonale Rose Description 1a-2a First you need a 1:64 trigonal grid and a hexagonal Twist which is shiffted (don’t know if it’s the right word for it) about 90° against the grid. The hexagon will be at the inside.

1a + b Then you’ve to fold the creases as shown.
1b The inside of the rose

2a +b These little creases helps to shape the rose
2a the Outside of the rose

Hexagonale Rose Description 3a-4 3a This is an auxiliary crease, for the next step
3b + c It’s a link to stiffen the rose

4 Fold the flaps inside the pocket which results from step 3

Hexagonale Rose Description 5a-6 5a Now begin to close the base
5b Insert the flap into the pocket
5c The finished base

6 The finished rose, now the shapping begins


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