Big Flower Diamond

At the end I managed to finish this Tessellation. It’s this one: Flower Diamond Tessellation Backlight folded from a larger piece of paper. The Pergamyn is 70×70cm and it’s a 1:128 Grid. The finished Tessellation is about 45 cm in diameter. I began to fold this more than a month ago, but meantime, I was sick of it. It’s my first really big Tessellation.
The Pattern is easy to fold, if you have only the middle part, but it’s a lot harder, if you fold circles of these Flower Diamond. I don’t want to do it again…

As one can see at the picture of the smaller Flower Diamond Tess I just wanted to combine the flower in the middle and the big diamonds around it. But while tessellating this small pattern a lot of negativ space stars appeared, which I really like. At the backside of the Tess are many dodecagons and I like them, the back isn’t spectacular, but nice.

Above it’s the frontside, below it’s the reverse.


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