A Star is born!

A star is born!

My first rectancle composition. It is similar to

Spielerei 3 Variations

I wanted to show the birth of a star by the building process of a Puff Star. I don’t know if one can recognize this and if I’ve done it correct.

I love this blue EH, it’s my absolut favorit.


Testing some paper, again ^-^

I tested some Tant (kind of paper) and wanted to see if it’s good for folding tessellations. I think it’s very good, that’s why I’ve ordered some big sheets of Tant (35x35cm). I hope the packet will come soon.
The lime green model is similar to my “Sahnehäubchen I” with a very little variation of the center.

At the end my camera is broken… I don’t know what happend, but it’s not possible to take a picture. Now I’ve to use the camera of my cell phone. Not a really good one.

Tand Test

Tand Test Sahnehäubchen I

“Stars & Starlets” Tests

Test Stars&Starlets Grundform

Motivated by Ray Schamps there perhaps will be a Tessellation Show. And I want to participate. Thats why I’m looking trough my models and try to find presentable designs. Yesterday I had a new idea, it’s a variation of my “Flower Diamond Tess”, but less floral, more winterly ^-^

I first made a basic form (picture above) and then variated the center (below left). I’ve drawn a partial CP of the final Tess, with the visible parts of the final Tess shaded, for a better clarity.

Stars&Starlets Detail Variation

CP Stars&Starlets Grundform

CP Rhombus Twists

Spielerei 3 EH

While refolding some of my models I recognized, that I didn’t made CPs, but need them to precrease my paper. So I began to draw CPs. This is the first one for this model.

It’s drawn by hand, because I still have no program to do this with my computer.

The solid lines are mountain folds, the dotted ones, are valleyfolds. I coloured the final twists in grey, to make the CP a little bit clearer.


Today was my Birthday, now I’m 27 years old. But it was a wonderful, relaxing day between all the learning for exams.

In the evening I went to my Irish-Set-Dance-Group and brought cakes and pies. We danced a lot and had fun. I love this kind of days. At the weekend my family will come to visit and we are going to eat some wonderful steaks. I’m so excited about the presents from my sister (10 years) and my two brothers (6 and 12 years). I really love this kids, they are so cute and lovely. I miss them all.

Red Flower Trapezium

Again I was folding the Red Flower and while doing so I recognized some trapezium twists. This picture shows the intermediat step with the trapeziums and parts of the flower.

Very funny coincidence, I guess.

Particularly, because of the Trapezium Twists are arranged in the same way like the twists in this two of my models.

Spielerei 3 EHSeamróg

Here is a refolded version, but I guess I missed the center ^-^



This is a little “paper”test

top left: Cellophan
top right: Pergamyn or Glassin
bottom left: Carape
bottom right: normal Origamipaper

I started this test to see if folding cellophan is worth the effort. I like the effect of the Carape, but it’s not so nice to fold. The easiest to fold are Pergamyn and the normal Origamipaper. At the end I come to the decission folding Cellophan isn’t worth the effort. Except I want to fold something really transparent and waterresistant ^-^

My personal Hitlist is:
1. Pergamyn
2. Carape
3. Origamipaper
4. Cellophan