Sahnehäubchen I Big

Here are some pictures of my newest Tess. The idea isn’t so new, I folded it the first time some month ago, but it’s the first time I tessellated it and folded a bigger version ^-^

Out of a Hexagon (Diameter: 36cm) with a 1:64 Grid, the final model has a diameter of about 14cm, it’s very pleat-eating…

1. The unfinished model, with the hex twists squashed, but not the triangle twists

Sahnehäubchen I Big Under Construction

2. Everything squashed down ^-^

Sahnehäubchen I Big Flat

3. & 4. Finished model, with the small hexagons twisted upwards.

Sahnehäubchen I Big

Sahnehäubchen I Big Sideview

It’s up to the folder, which hexagon parts are sunken and which one are raised.

I made a partial CP and some explanations, if anyone want to fold it ^-^



I walked through my hometown, Frankfurt am Main, in search of inspiration. I found it at the central cemetary. It’s the most natural and living place in the center of Frankfurt. Except for the cityforest it’s the place with the oldest trees and for me it’s a place of pure silence and freedom, but also full of live.

Here are some impressions.


Shadow of live

ksalonsweetly’s Sakura Tem tem temari

Sakura Tem tem temari

Ursprünglich hochgeladen von ksalonsweetly

I’m so happy, because it’s the first time somebody refold my own design.
ksalonsweetly folded my version of Mio Tsugawas Tem Tem Temari from 60 moduls, combined with her own variation of the petals. I think it’s a really wonderful kusudama and the colours are really great. ^-^

For everybody who like Kusudama, the second game bei Mio is still running. When we have 200 postings she will give us the diagram for the maguerite. So please participate ^-^

CP Sahnehäubchen I

CP Sahnehäubchen I

This is the CP for my Sahnehäubchen I

Sahnehäubchen I

At the moment I’m pecreasing a lot of paper. I’ve some ideas I want to realize, but therefor I need precreased paper and some CP’s of my (some month) older designs.

The CP is a little bit stretched, because I wanted to see how it looks, if at one time a hex and at the other time one of the triangles is in the center. I guess I’ll try to fold a bigger Tess of this one, because I like how the different parts fit together and produces different pattern only by small changes.

Flower Trapezium (Metamorphose) finished 3D

Flower Trapez (Metamorphose) finished 3D

I finished this Tess and now it’s one of my favorits ^-^

I want to fold a black and big version of this and hope it’ll look good …

For this one I started with a DIN A4 sheet of lightgrey Elephanthide, the size of the finished model is about 16,5×10,5cm.   (One side of a triangle of the grid is 3mm wide ^.^)

Flower Trapezium (Metamorphose)

Flower Trapez Metamorphose

This is my newest Tessellation. It’s a test version and incomplete.

On the left is a flower and on the right an arrangement of trapez twists, the folding of both is nearly the same, that’s why this kind of progress was so obvious ^-^ The 3Dness of the flower on the left is inspired by Garibiilan’s “Hexagoned and bleached Red Flower Tess”

CP Flower Trapez Metamorphose

At the CP the similarity between the flower and the trapez twist can be seen. The main mountain creases are continouse through the whole CP, only the valley folds and some small mountain folds change.

Flower Trapez Metamorphose Part 1

These are some explanations, because I don’t like to work with CP’s (I can’t read them) and I know some other people have problem with CP’s too.

I’ve started with 8 pleat wide open back hex pleat, surrounded by 6 others, similar to Eric Gjerdes Spread Hex Tess with twice the width (if you don’t know, what I’m talking about, don’t be shy and ask ^-^ I’m not sure if I always use the right term for things)

1. I guess this is similar to this one by Garibiilan

2. on the way to many triangle twists, every possible triangle should be twisted

3. many triangle twists

4. at this point we could make puff stars ^-^ but we will go on and …

5. & 6. squash this parts

Flower Trapez Metamorphose Part 2

7. everything sqashed

8. just open…

9. -11. … and close again, but with this little part outside

12. squash this little parts and the first part is finished ^-^