Sahnehäubchen I Big

Here are some pictures of my newest Tess. The idea isn’t so new, I folded it the first time some month ago, but it’s the first time I tessellated it and folded a bigger version ^-^

Out of a Hexagon (Diameter: 36cm) with a 1:64 Grid, the final model has a diameter of about 14cm, it’s very pleat-eating…

1. The unfinished model, with the hex twists squashed, but not the triangle twists

Sahnehäubchen I Big Under Construction

2. Everything squashed down ^-^

Sahnehäubchen I Big Flat

3. & 4. Finished model, with the small hexagons twisted upwards.

Sahnehäubchen I Big

Sahnehäubchen I Big Sideview

It’s up to the folder, which hexagon parts are sunken and which one are raised.

I made a partial CP and some explanations, if anyone want to fold it ^-^


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