Mitanei’s playing cats

A friend of mine, Mitanei, designed this cat. We had a little origamisession and he showed me how to fold it (the left one is mine). I guess, I have some problems with shaping models… my cat looks more like a bear or something else… But it was a lot of fun to fold…

The Rat in the middle is folded by me, but designed my Joisel ^-^



My internet still doesn’t work, but a friend let me use his computer. So there’ll be some new pictures soon ^.^

One Starflower

I played around with this shape for some time and here are some Variations of it:

Starflower-Bouquet I


Starflower-Bouquet II

Starflower-Bouquet II Front

Starflower-Bouquet II backlit

Starflower-Bouquet II Backlit

I didn’t photoshop the color, I just used my colorchanging Lamp and this effect appeared ^.^