Today Mitanei and I made some tissuefoil. We followed the videoinstructions by Eric Vigier an Facebook ^.^ Thanks for that (Merci Beaucoup Eric pour le vidéo-clip ^-^) it was a lot of fun


We tested different papers ^.^
The black, green and light red paper are Mitanei’s, the blue, red and yellow paper are mine…

I don’t know what I should fold with this paper… it cannot be used for tessellations… I guess I’ve to fold some figures again ^-^



I’m so proud. Some friends on Flickr folded my designs… I’m sooo happy about this ^.^

One friend is helikonia, who folded my “Sahnehäubchen I” and did a realy good job…

Another friend is That Andy Guy, who folded my “Tessellated Butterflies”, one of my newest design. The shaping and the picture is great ^.^

It’s so nice to see my designs folded by other people ^.^ Thanks guys