Since the “21. International Convention of Origami Germany” I’m crazy about Butterflies…

The first “trigger” was Kalami’s wonderful butterfly-wall, in the room I slept in…

… and the second one was the butterfly-workshop by Robert Lang.

21. Internationales Treffen Origami Deutschland

I really enjoyed folding this butterfly and I was afraid to forget how to fold it, so I began to fold two or three per day (and gave them away)
After a few days the idea to decorate my wall with butterflies grew and I decided to fold many blue butterflies (my livingroom is very blue and I love this color ^-^) I also began to fold other butterflies, like the Origamido and Swallowtail Butterfly designed by Michael LaFosse…

It’s not finished yet, but here is my wall so far:
Butterfly Decoration

The biggest butterfly has a wingspread about 13cm (5.12 Inch), the smallest about 0.5cm (0.2 Inch)

The white Butterflies are folded by my friends Mitanei and Coming_Curse. I hope every friend will fold me one white Butterfly with his or her signature for my wall, so I can have them near me every day ^-^



Today was my Birthday, now I’m 27 years old. But it was a wonderful, relaxing day between all the learning for exams.

In the evening I went to my Irish-Set-Dance-Group and brought cakes and pies. We danced a lot and had fun. I love this kind of days. At the weekend my family will come to visit and we are going to eat some wonderful steaks. I’m so excited about the presents from my sister (10 years) and my two brothers (6 and 12 years). I really love this kids, they are so cute and lovely. I miss them all.