I’ve just began my new job and moved…
And because of this, I didn’t have the time to blog… or fold… or anything else but packing boxes and working in school…

and my internet doesn’t work…

I hope I’ll have more time and be able to blog more in a few days/weeks…


Back again I

Back after more than a month. I’m sorry that I didn’t wrote, but there was a lot of trouble in my live ^.^
Here are some models I folded lately.

Big Star
Out of a hexagon of pergamyn (Diameter: ~24cm)

Lucky Star
My siblings and I made some christmas tree decorations

christmas gift
I made this for a friend ^-^ It’s a gift coupon


Lately I’m in a kind of Christmasmood, that’s why I started to fold same Bascetta-Stars. I really like to fold this kind of Kusudama.


The Bascetta-Star, folded from 30 squares of thin paper. Surprisingly very stabel.

New Bascetta

This one is a New Bascetta out of 30 rectancles (15×7,5cm) of gold-silver Kraftpaper. First I thought the whole thing would be weak and not hold the shape, but after I fit the last modul in it became very solid.

“Octagons for October” second part

For the “Octagons for October”-Challenge I played a little bit with my octagonal Sahnehäubchen. Here are some Variations ^-^

a), b), c) & d) With an extra Twist, now there are three levels of octagonal twists

a) The first and the third twist have the same direction. This one is folded out of a small sheet of orange glassin (15x15cm)

b) & c) A little shaping, both twists on the top have the same direction, it’s out of a small sheet of orange Tant (15x15cm)

d) The first and the third twist have the same direction.

a) Octagonales Sahnehäubchen Variante 3 Backlit

b) Octagonales Sahnehäubchen Variante 4 (3D)

c) Octagonales Sahnehäubchen Variante 4

d) Octagonales Sahnehäubchen Variante 3

e) Octagonales Sahnehäubchen Variation 2

Nearly the same as the original octagonal Sahnehäubchen (with two octagonal Twists) I changed the direction of one twist, now they are twisted in the same direction, and made some small variations at the center twist, out of orange Tant (15x15cm)

f) Octagonales Sahnehäubchen Variation 1

Again an octagonal Sahnehäubchen with two octagonal Twists (different directions), but with a wider twist below, out of orange Tant (15x15cm)