Lately I’m in a kind of Christmasmood, that’s why I started to fold same Bascetta-Stars. I really like to fold this kind of Kusudama.


The Bascetta-Star, folded from 30 squares of thin paper. Surprisingly very stabel.

New Bascetta

This one is a New Bascetta out of 30 rectancles (15×7,5cm) of gold-silver Kraftpaper. First I thought the whole thing would be weak and not hold the shape, but after I fit the last modul in it became very solid.


ksalonsweetly’s Sakura Tem tem temari

Sakura Tem tem temari

Ursprünglich hochgeladen von ksalonsweetly

I’m so happy, because it’s the first time somebody refold my own design.
ksalonsweetly folded my version of Mio Tsugawas Tem Tem Temari from 60 moduls, combined with her own variation of the petals. I think it’s a really wonderful kusudama and the colours are really great. ^-^

For everybody who like Kusudama, the second game bei Mio is still running. When we have 200 postings she will give us the diagram for the maguerite. So please participate ^-^

Temari Sakura

Finally I finishd my Kusudama. It is a variation of Temari designed by Mio Tsugawa. Instead of combining four moduls to a flower and 6 Flowers to a cube, I combine 5 Moduls to a flower and 12 Flowers to a Dodecahedron. Regrettably the outer angles did not match, thats why I had to modify the modules ^.^ All together the height of the Kusudama is approximately 10cm, it contains 60 modules made of 7x7cm Kami. Because it is spring right now I thought Sakura would be a nice theme and the whole ball is pink and white, but normally these are not my favorite coloures. At the end I forgot to clue a tie in ^-^ But I’ll find a way to manage this.

Anyway I guess I want to give it to my cousins grandma as a present.  Temari Sakura 2

Temari Sakura