Black Metamorphose

Metamorphose Big

I finished the bigger version of my “Metamorphose” (the black one). It’s made from a whole sheet of EH (50x70cm) ^-^
But it’s really hard to take a good picture of black EH, I guess. In fact it looks much better, than the picture.


Flower Trapezium (Metamorphose) finished 3D

Flower Trapez (Metamorphose) finished 3D

I finished this Tess and now it’s one of my favorits ^-^

I want to fold a black and big version of this and hope it’ll look good …

For this one I started with a DIN A4 sheet of lightgrey Elephanthide, the size of the finished model is about 16,5×10,5cm.   (One side of a triangle of the grid is 3mm wide ^.^)