Testing some paper, again ^-^

I tested some Tant (kind of paper) and wanted to see if it’s good for folding tessellations. I think it’s very good, that’s why I’ve ordered some big sheets of Tant (35x35cm). I hope the packet will come soon.
The lime green model is similar to my “Sahnehäubchen I” with a very little variation of the center.

At the end my camera is broken… I don’t know what happend, but it’s not possible to take a picture. Now I’ve to use the camera of my cell phone. Not a really good one.

Tand Test

Tand Test Sahnehäubchen I




This is a little “paper”test

top left: Cellophan
top right: Pergamyn or Glassin
bottom left: Carape
bottom right: normal Origamipaper

I started this test to see if folding cellophan is worth the effort. I like the effect of the Carape, but it’s not so nice to fold. The easiest to fold are Pergamyn and the normal Origamipaper. At the end I come to the decission folding Cellophan isn’t worth the effort. Except I want to fold something really transparent and waterresistant ^-^

My personal Hitlist is:
1. Pergamyn
2. Carape
3. Origamipaper
4. Cellophan