A Star is born!

A star is born!

My first rectancle composition. It is similar to

Spielerei 3 Variations

I wanted to show the birth of a star by the building process of a Puff Star. I don’t know if one can recognize this and if I’ve done it correct.

I love this blue EH, it’s my absolut favorit.


“Stars & Starlets” Tests

Test Stars&Starlets Grundform

Motivated by Ray Schamps there perhaps will be a Tessellation Show. And I want to participate. Thats why I’m looking trough my models and try to find presentable designs. Yesterday I had a new idea, it’s a variation of my “Flower Diamond Tess”, but less floral, more winterly ^-^

I first made a basic form (picture above) and then variated the center (below left). I’ve drawn a partial CP of the final Tess, with the visible parts of the final Tess shaded, for a better clarity.

Stars&Starlets Detail Variation

CP Stars&Starlets Grundform

Flower Tessellation with Butterfly – Schattenspiel

I love to fold in classes, because my consentration is better when I do Origami. But sadly the paper I normally use is very noisy. In most classes the other people are so lou, that nobody hears my folding, but in smaller classes it really disturbs others. That’s why I’m looking for a silent paper. This one I used for my Flower tessellation, is very silent, but it’s hard to fold, because some creases just disappeare, And it’s nearly impossible to mountainfold a valleyfold or something like this. Very sad, that’s why the Tess is very unclean. The paper behave a little bit like cloth.

Flower Tessellation Backlight