A Star is born!

A star is born!

My first rectancle composition. It is similar to

Spielerei 3 Variations

I wanted to show the birth of a star by the building process of a Puff Star. I don’t know if one can recognize this and if I’ve done it correct.

I love this blue EH, it’s my absolut favorit.


CP Rhombus Twists

Spielerei 3 EH

While refolding some of my models I recognized, that I didn’t made CPs, but need them to precrease my paper. So I began to draw CPs. This is the first one for this model.

It’s drawn by hand, because I still have no program to do this with my computer.

The solid lines are mountain folds, the dotted ones, are valleyfolds. I coloured the final twists in grey, to make the CP a little bit clearer.

Red Flower Trapezium

Again I was folding the Red Flower and while doing so I recognized some trapezium twists. This picture shows the intermediat step with the trapeziums and parts of the flower.

Very funny coincidence, I guess.

Particularly, because of the Trapezium Twists are arranged in the same way like the twists in this two of my models.

Spielerei 3 EHSeamróg

Here is a refolded version, but I guess I missed the center ^-^