First Snow

Today there was the first snowfall this winter. It was very beautiful and the first thought in my mind was to take some pictures. Here are some of my Impressions ^-^

First Snow this winter

First snow this winter

First snow this winter

First snow this winter


Hexagonal Rose

My Hexagonal Rose is finished ūüėÄ

I changed the closing of the base, now it’s a little bit rounder and it looks more like the Kawasaki Rose.

Hexagonale Rose Backlight Hexagonale Rose CP
Hexagonale Rose Description 1a-2a First you need a 1:64 trigonal grid and a hexagonal Twist which is shiffted (don’t know if it’s the right word for it) about 90¬į against the grid. The hexagon will be at the inside.

1a + b Then you’ve to fold the creases as shown.
1b The inside of the rose

2a +b These little creases helps to shape the rose
2a the Outside of the rose

Hexagonale Rose Description 3a-4 3a This is an auxiliary crease, for the next step
3b + c It’s a link to stiffen the rose

4 Fold the flaps inside the pocket which results from step 3

Hexagonale Rose Description 5a-6 5a Now begin to close the base
5b Insert the flap into the pocket
5c The finished base

6 The finished rose, now the shapping begins