I’m so proud. Some friends on Flickr folded my designs… I’m sooo happy about this ^.^

One friend is helikonia, who folded my “Sahnehäubchen I” and did a realy good job…

Another friend is That Andy Guy, who folded my “Tessellated Butterflies”, one of my newest design. The shaping and the picture is great ^.^

It’s so nice to see my designs folded by other people ^.^ Thanks guys


“Octagons for October” second part

For the “Octagons for October”-Challenge I played a little bit with my octagonal Sahnehäubchen. Here are some Variations ^-^

a), b), c) & d) With an extra Twist, now there are three levels of octagonal twists

a) The first and the third twist have the same direction. This one is folded out of a small sheet of orange glassin (15x15cm)

b) & c) A little shaping, both twists on the top have the same direction, it’s out of a small sheet of orange Tant (15x15cm)

d) The first and the third twist have the same direction.

a) Octagonales Sahnehäubchen Variante 3 Backlit

b) Octagonales Sahnehäubchen Variante 4 (3D)

c) Octagonales Sahnehäubchen Variante 4

d) Octagonales Sahnehäubchen Variante 3

e) Octagonales Sahnehäubchen Variation 2

Nearly the same as the original octagonal Sahnehäubchen (with two octagonal Twists) I changed the direction of one twist, now they are twisted in the same direction, and made some small variations at the center twist, out of orange Tant (15x15cm)

f) Octagonales Sahnehäubchen Variation 1

Again an octagonal Sahnehäubchen with two octagonal Twists (different directions), but with a wider twist below, out of orange Tant (15x15cm)

Orange Octagons for October

orange octagons for october

This is my entry for the new challenge on FlickR “Octagons for October”

On my way folding an octagonal Sahnehäubchen, a lot of paper broke and I needed many sketches. Finally I managed to fold it, but it’s very grubby. Both are made from a 15x15cm square of normal origamipaper, to small and the wrong paper. Now that I know how it works, I’ll fold a bigger version from Tant or Elephant Hide.

Sahnehäubchen I Big

Here are some pictures of my newest Tess. The idea isn’t so new, I folded it the first time some month ago, but it’s the first time I tessellated it and folded a bigger version ^-^

Out of a Hexagon (Diameter: 36cm) with a 1:64 Grid, the final model has a diameter of about 14cm, it’s very pleat-eating…

1. The unfinished model, with the hex twists squashed, but not the triangle twists

Sahnehäubchen I Big Under Construction

2. Everything squashed down ^-^

Sahnehäubchen I Big Flat

3. & 4. Finished model, with the small hexagons twisted upwards.

Sahnehäubchen I Big

Sahnehäubchen I Big Sideview

It’s up to the folder, which hexagon parts are sunken and which one are raised.

I made a partial CP and some explanations, if anyone want to fold it ^-^

CP Sahnehäubchen I

CP Sahnehäubchen I

This is the CP for my Sahnehäubchen I

Sahnehäubchen I

At the moment I’m pecreasing a lot of paper. I’ve some ideas I want to realize, but therefor I need precreased paper and some CP’s of my (some month) older designs.

The CP is a little bit stretched, because I wanted to see how it looks, if at one time a hex and at the other time one of the triangles is in the center. I guess I’ll try to fold a bigger Tess of this one, because I like how the different parts fit together and produces different pattern only by small changes.

Testing some paper, again ^-^

I tested some Tant (kind of paper) and wanted to see if it’s good for folding tessellations. I think it’s very good, that’s why I’ve ordered some big sheets of Tant (35x35cm). I hope the packet will come soon.
The lime green model is similar to my “Sahnehäubchen I” with a very little variation of the center.

At the end my camera is broken… I don’t know what happend, but it’s not possible to take a picture. Now I’ve to use the camera of my cell phone. Not a really good one.

Tand Test

Tand Test Sahnehäubchen I

Order vs. Chaos

Member of the Origami Tessellation Group at FlickR have started a Design Challenge. The Theme is Order vs. Chaos and this is my entry. Compared to the other Entries mine is very simple, but till now my skills aren’t good enough for realizing my first idea.

But I’m proud that I finished this design for the Challenge. First time I read about the Competition I thought that I’m not as skilled and creative as needed to participate. But at the end I created a modell. Sometimes all it needs is time ^-^