“Stars & Starlets” Tests

Test Stars&Starlets Grundform

Motivated by Ray Schamps there perhaps will be a Tessellation Show. And I want to participate. Thats why I’m looking trough my models and try to find presentable designs. Yesterday I had a new idea, it’s a variation of my “Flower Diamond Tess”, but less floral, more winterly ^-^

I first made a basic form (picture above) and then variated the center (below left). I’ve drawn a partial CP of the final Tess, with the visible parts of the final Tess shaded, for a better clarity.

Stars&Starlets Detail Variation

CP Stars&Starlets Grundform


Stars again Halfbacklight

Again some stars ^-^
This time dark violet pergamyn with a little HexTwist in the center of the stars. I guess these are nice stars, but not so nice to fold. Especially with this tiny grid and the high humidity. But at the end I think the outcome is okay.

Small Stars

I just wanted to fold some small stars and hadn’t thought that they will match so good. Many more stars would look very nice, I guess, this will be a new project to think of ^.^

But sadly the zipper of my backback tried to eat my Tess ūüė¶ After all it’s only one corner…