Jungle Challenge

Again there was a little tessellation challenge at Flickr:


The topic was jungle and I thought a long time about what to do and had the idea to fold something like a pixel picture…

I started with a 1:128 grid and a more than 16-level-hex-spread (designed by Eric Gjerde).

Jungle Camouflage - work in progress

I used this as basic for a field of triangle twists, but I didn’t sqashed them all, only the twists which form the picture, in this case the snake, where squashed. As a small decoration I folded some flowers in the center of the model, they are really easy (6 combined hexagons).

Jungle Camouflage...

All together I folded about 27 hours… the grid was folded on many ways to my school, the hex-spread on my way to Berlin/Potsdam and home again and the final triangles mostly at home…




I Played around a little bit and tried to fold some ideas I had through the “Octagons for October”-Challenge as hexagons, instead of octagons. Sadly it’s not so clean folded. The paper (darkred Tant, Hexagon out of a square(35x35cm), Grid 1:64) wasn’t the best choice and I was very confused while trying to shape it. Next time I’ll use EH.

“Octagons for October” second part

For the “Octagons for October”-Challenge I played a little bit with my octagonal Sahnehäubchen. Here are some Variations ^-^

a), b), c) & d) With an extra Twist, now there are three levels of octagonal twists

a) The first and the third twist have the same direction. This one is folded out of a small sheet of orange glassin (15x15cm)

b) & c) A little shaping, both twists on the top have the same direction, it’s out of a small sheet of orange Tant (15x15cm)

d) The first and the third twist have the same direction.

a) Octagonales Sahnehäubchen Variante 3 Backlit

b) Octagonales Sahnehäubchen Variante 4 (3D)

c) Octagonales Sahnehäubchen Variante 4

d) Octagonales Sahnehäubchen Variante 3

e) Octagonales Sahnehäubchen Variation 2

Nearly the same as the original octagonal Sahnehäubchen (with two octagonal Twists) I changed the direction of one twist, now they are twisted in the same direction, and made some small variations at the center twist, out of orange Tant (15x15cm)

f) Octagonales Sahnehäubchen Variation 1

Again an octagonal Sahnehäubchen with two octagonal Twists (different directions), but with a wider twist below, out of orange Tant (15x15cm)

CP Sahnehäubchen I

CP Sahnehäubchen I

This is the CP for my Sahnehäubchen I

Sahnehäubchen I

At the moment I’m pecreasing a lot of paper. I’ve some ideas I want to realize, but therefor I need precreased paper and some CP’s of my (some month) older designs.

The CP is a little bit stretched, because I wanted to see how it looks, if at one time a hex and at the other time one of the triangles is in the center. I guess I’ll try to fold a bigger Tess of this one, because I like how the different parts fit together and produces different pattern only by small changes.

CP Rhombus Twists

Spielerei 3 EH

While refolding some of my models I recognized, that I didn’t made CPs, but need them to precrease my paper. So I began to draw CPs. This is the first one for this model.

It’s drawn by hand, because I still have no program to do this with my computer.

The solid lines are mountain folds, the dotted ones, are valleyfolds. I coloured the final twists in grey, to make the CP a little bit clearer.

Red Flower Trapezium

Again I was folding the Red Flower and while doing so I recognized some trapezium twists. This picture shows the intermediat step with the trapeziums and parts of the flower.

Very funny coincidence, I guess.

Particularly, because of the Trapezium Twists are arranged in the same way like the twists in this two of my models.

Spielerei 3 EHSeamróg

Here is a refolded version, but I guess I missed the center ^-^

Hexagonal Rose Beta-Version

Finally I closed the bottom of my hexagonal rose. It’s not perfect at all, that’s why I call it Beta-Version.

I had to restrain the bottom of the rose with some wet towel and strings, but it’s not really flowerlike rotund.

At the end it’s only a variation of the New Kawasaki Rose, based on a trigonal Grid.

Cp and a better version of the Rose will follow ^-^

Hexagonal Rose Beta-Version