Under Construction


HexTwist My first Tessellation. Simple hexagon pleats basing on a 60°-Grid.
Sterne Basing on a squaregrid.
My first creation ^-^ Based on a 60°-Grid. A friend said, that it looks like a Sea with Lotus on it, that’s why I call it Seerosen-Tessellation (in english: Lotustessellation)
Cubes I loved to fold these cubes, a friend taught me how to fold them ^-^
Tessellation??? Detail 1 Tessellation??? Detail 2
Tessellation??? Detail 3 My first attempts with tessellation. These are all Variations of the “cubes”
Flower Tessellation Backlight
Square Lotus Fraktal Backlight
Yama Flower


Lime green Puff Star Semibacklight Puff Star Detail

This is a Puff Star, I found a diagram by Roberto Gretter , on the left side there is a Link “tassellazioni”, after that go to the link “tassellazione mobile di Ralf Konrad”. ^.^ Besides there are a lot of beautiful examples on FlickR. Here you can sie the base of Puff Stars and the final product ^-^ Else there are wonderful Examples in the photostream of Mélisande.

My one creation with Puff Stars, a Puff Star Pyramide ^.^ There can be more Puff Stars, but my paper was to small.
Octagonal Puff Star
light red Star Stars
Big Star A star is born!
Flower Diamond
Flower Diamond Tessellation Backlight Big Flower Diamond in progress
Test Stars&Starlets Grundform
Double Hex Twist Sahnehäubchen I
Double Hex Twist Flower
Sahnehäubchen I
Sahnehäubchen I Big Under Construction Sahnehäubchen I Big

Orange Octagons for October Detail
Octagonales Sahnehäubchen Variation 2 Octagonales Sahnehäubchen Variante 4Octagonales Sahnehäubchen Variante 3
Octagonales Sahnehäubchen Variante 3 Backlit
Blaue Blume

Spielerei 2
Spielerei 3
Spielerei 4
Spielerei 3 Variations
Octagonale Spielerei
Octagonale Spielerei 2
Small Stars

Yellow Cellophan BL
Stars again Halfbacklight
Circle of Hexagons Backlight Front
Red Flowers Backlight
Red Flower Trapez Halfbacklight

Tant Test

Flower Trapez (Metamorphose) finished 3D

Field of Flowers Metamorphose Big



Small Puff Star

Almost Orange Octagons for October
christmas gift
Trigonal Pattern Detail
Starflower-Bouquet Starflower

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